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      • "Wow – what a great assistant in my daily work!"

        LeanMail really helps me save time every day due to the smart prioritization and planning steps. In addition – I feel that I have much more control over my inbox and actions and are able to work in an even more structured way. The around 200 emails that I get each day does not stress me as much as it did in the past and that is a real benefit and relief!

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        Magnus Weberg, Country Manager Sweden, Industry Standard Servers, Enterprise Group, Hewlett-Packard Sverige AB
      • "I am so happy that I went through this training. "

        It has transformed my work life. I feel less anxiety about my email inbox and have been so productive. I love LeanMail!

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        Joann Canaday, Human Resources Director, Sodexo North America
      • " It makes Outlook easyI...Love it!"

        I’ve been using LeanMail now for about a year and find it to be an indispensable tool. It makes Outlook easyI can now effortlessly go through my entire inbox and categorize, prioritize and sort all my email in half the time of what it used to take me. This tool has given me extra time to focus on other more important aspects of my work. Love it!

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        Daniel Garcia, Director, Human Resources, Sodexo North America
      • "I have gone from the point of being sceptical to being addicted to LeanMail."

        I was introduced to LeanMail four years ago, as I found my mail box to be a stress factor! I must say the system has grown on me. I have gone from the point of being sceptical to being addicted to LeanMail. I receive a great number of mails and while I am not sure I am spending less time on handling mails, the real value for money is that it gives me a great overview! I can prioritize, distinguish between information and tasks and add next actions and deadlines. That way I can focus only on the mails I need to process today. I can easily move deadlines around if more critical tasks turn up. But a mail is never missed, lost or forgotten. Also the logical archiving system makes it is easy to find old or related e-mails. The original aim was achieved - instead of my mailbox controlling me, I feel in control of my mailbox! I am trying to spread the good use of LeanMail to all my colleagues, as it is a very easy tool with immediate effect.

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        Eva Søndergaard, Financial Controller, ALD Automotive
      • "This is what makes them such a distinguished training organization:"

        I am really enjoying the benefit of prioritizing and planning my emails in a very short time and starting the day with a clean inbox. Atrendia provides every opportunity to form this habit before the training ends. This is what makes them such a distinguished training organization: they don't let you leave the training without forming the habit of using LeanMail.

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        Esen Karaman, Executive Asst to MD & Gen. Admin Mngr, Kimberly Clark
      • " I highly recommend it to companies applying Lean methodologies in the knowledge-worker space."

        At Pågen, effectiveness is always high on our agenda, with the goal of increasing our output with less effort and time. Most often, discussions about effectiveness focus on our production and logistics, but it is just as important at Pågen to increase the effectiveness of our administrative functions. For many of our administrators, email is an activity which steals a lot of time from other core activities and can also create stress and unnecessary complexity in their daily work. LeanMail has been a great help to me in maximizing my effectiveness with email and creating a structure and overview of all the mail I need to process. I highly recommend it to companies applying Lean methodologies in the knowledge-worker space.

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        Tørk Furhauge, CEO, Pågen AB
      • "I can’t imagine working with e-mail without LeanMail."

        I have used LeanMail for nearly two years and have to say that it has been an indispensable aid. I receive a great deal of mail every day because I am in the crossfire between customers, suppliers, and colleagues. Before I began using LeanMail I found it very hard to prioritize and be sure that I answered all my mails – and most importantly answered them on time. LeanMail has helped me to develop the discipline needed in order to prevent me from being steered by incoming mail. The LeanMail system helps me to have an empty inbox at the end of each day, which is a fantastic experience in itself. At the same time I am assured that all the tasks I have scheduled for the day are taken care of, which gives me peace of mind and makes me feel like I’m on top of things. I can’t imagine working with e-mail without LeanMail.

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        Per Juul, Sales Manager, Atea A/S
      • "I can’t see myself without it."

        LeanMail has definitely changed the way I work. It has really helped manage my email and increase my productivity. I think it’s a great tool to use and I can’t see myself without it.

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        Hilton Silver, IT Manager / Commercial Manager, Hoya Hill Optics, South Africa
      • "...Can’t live without it."

        Two years ago, Michal Hoffman showed me the LeanEmail system for the first time. My first thought was “No one can show me a better way to handle e-mail than the way I do it now”. Was I wrong ? YES! Those of us who are using LeanMail today can’t live without it. Working with LeanMail has been a good experience. They handle the change management task very well, meaning that 70 % of the users that have been introduced to LeanMail over the last two years are still using it today. If we had technical issues LeanMail solved them professionally.

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        Lasse Kudsk, IT Chef, Mannaz A/S
      • "LeanMail is a must for every manager!"

        Since I’ve started using LeanMail, I am in charge of all my day-to-day activities. I can priorities important issues and also keep reminders for myself. My diary is a thing of the past as I can keep perfect track of my day in my Inbox! LeanMail is a must for every manager!

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        Michélle Bonthuyzen, Financial Controller, Hoya Hill Optics, SA
      • "You will become addicted..."

        LeanMail's greatest weakness (marketing-wise), is that it is hard to explain to people who do not know it already because it opens doors that you didn’t know existed! Lean Mail is not tangible and concrete, but more like mindset meets matter and, in my world and experience, a fundemental game-changer in how I manage emails and my time. So my recommendation can only be to try it out. You will become addicted; and you will learn that LeanMail is hard to explain, but you definitely don’t want to be without it!

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        Kuno Becker, General Manager, First Hotel Europa
      • "LeanMail was a game changer for me..."

        I’ve been using LeanMail for only a few weeks and I am already hooked. Today I don’t understand how I could manage my emails before using it, and I realize that I actually didn’t. With the easy step-by-step prioritizing and planning for action, not only am I structured but LeanMail motivates you to take action and make decisions. LeanMail was a game changer for me… It is now a friendly and fun part of my work-life and my email inbox is always empty by the end of the day. I am on top of email conversations and deadlines, and I am in full control of email tasks that I need to take care of in the future.

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        Pontus Mark, Project Manager, Tribe Hotels
      • "LeanMail has profoundly changed the way I organize my tasks... "

        and allows a clear vision of what needs to be done in the days and weeks to come. Even in the busiest times, this leads to less stress and more confidence. This methodology has had a real impact on my work life! LeanMail a modifié en profondeur ma façon d’organiser mes tâches et permet une vision précise de ce qui doit être fait dans les jours et les semaines à venir. Même dans les moments les plus chargés, cela induit un stress moindre et une plus grande sérénité. Cette méthodologie a donc eu un réel impact sur ma vie au travail !!

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        Olivier Lamothe, Directeur Grands & Service Clients, Hoya Lens
      • "It would actually be cruel to withdraw the tool."

        I asked to join the project and do not regret it, it would actually be cruel to withdraw the tool. The approach is consistent with the way I drive my business, I am now more responsive to the mail and proactive. In addition, I use the dashboard to control the meetings with my staff.

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        Pascale Sciacaluga, BDR Marketing Department Manager, Caisse d'Epargne Bank
      • "LeanMail has really allowed me to focus my work and get more out of my day. "

        I believe it has improved the quality of my work as I am able to have more time to really focus on projects/tasks without worrying or thinking about my inbox. LeanMail has a number of good organizational features that helps me assign priorities to my work and well as frankly, just clear out (delete) much of the unnecessary stuff. I would recommend to anyone wishing to gain more control over the time associated with email.

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        Kendley Davenport, Vice President, Sodexo Education
      • "It’s hard to remember how I was able to keep track of everything before using LeanMail!"

        Great add-in to Outlook! Before using LeanMail, my inbox was the typical “folder for open issues”. Now, I am in control my Inbox and able to plan responses and follow-ups. LeanMail also helps me prioritize tasks to ensure the important items are completed first and deadlines are met. It’s hard to remember how I was able to keep track of everything before using LeanMail!

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        Bill Farley, SPHR, Director Human Resources EVP, Sodexo North America
      • "Learning and using LeanMail has definitely given me more efficiency..."

        ...and a better overview of my e-mails, tasks and calendar. Also the ability for the system to function together with our Outlook based CRM system has been a great advantage. Michael has had the skills and expertise to help us combine LeanMail and our CRM. By the end of the year all our staff will have completed the course and we are already now getting positive feedback from our account managers, who are using the techniques now.

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        Jens Hummeluhr, Managing Director,
      • "...All in all I have reduced my to-do “processing time” by more than 50%, and am still improving and gaining more and more control..."

        After the introduction of LeanMail to my jammed mailbox, I’m finally in total control of my mailbox, activities and things I must do. After the gained control there, I “copied” the idea to my physical archives, because paper sometimes still works best. Now I’m in control of my office. All in all I have reduced my to-do “processing time” by more than 50%, and am still improving and gaining more and more control. If you still haven’t tried it and your mailbox is like mine was, you’ll have to work overtime, while I’m off for afternoon coffee. Go for it. P.S. Recently my laptop died and our IT department gave me a “loaner” without LeanMail installed and no access to the Internet. After 6 months with Lean Mail, I now understand that you live with LeanMail, but can barely survive without it. D.S.

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        Gert Hansen, Site & Security Manager / Group Security Specialist, Strålfors A/S
      • "Biggest doubter - turned advocate!"

        I approached the training with big, big doubts. I thought was managing email well, with automatic rules and a couple of folders, and I never thought I badly needed an improvement. LeanMail added the one piece of the puzzle I was missing – a next action planner! Now I’m even in more control of my email. This is a must-have in this fast moving world.

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        Adrian Badiu, General Manager, Hoya Lens Romania
      • "This new add-in is brilliant..."

        I love that is takes me from prioritize to plan has revived my Atrendia fondness, which was high already after five years of use!

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        Jan Pilgaard Carlsen, Business Unit Manager, CDM A/S
      • "Our employees' response to "Good Documents" training:"

        The Good Documents Series was universally well received by employees. You know you've provided valuable training when you hear employees discussing it and talking about putting the tools into practice. They appreciated that they weren't just told to "not write bad emails"; the course taught how to write good emails. Also, employees relate to the list of high-risk writing behaviors referred to as "The Usual Suspects." Most had seen a few of these behaviors and, after the training, became watchful of their own email behaviors, on the lookout for "The Usual Suspects."

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        Valli F. Baldassano, Chief Compliance Officer, Cephalon, Inc.
      • "I can’t imagine working in Outlook without LeanMail."

        The practical use of the LeanMail principles, priorities and planning has given me full control of my emails. To go home every day with an empty mailbox should be a privilege for everybody and I would recommend LeanMail at any time.

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        Mira Würtz, Marketing Coordinator, Sanofi-Aventis
      • "I have reduced the time I spend on e-mails by at least 50%"

        I just wanted to drop you a note and tell how much I enjoy doing e-mails after I have recieved your training and software. I have reduced the time I spend on e-mails by at least 50%, and just the improved discipline I have when I do e-mails has been worth it all. Read more... I can now truly say that I only handle the majority of my e-mails once, and I have a filing system that works! I can always find the e-mails that I have filed. I know I was a sceptic at first, but now I'm truely converted - I will never go back to my old way of doing e-mails! Where ever I go, and whom ever I meet, I tell them about your tool.

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        Tim Sandholdt Jensen, Head of HR, Ericsson Denmark
      • "I am confident in stating that LeanMail stands alone..."

        Several years ago our firm embraced the principles of Lean/Six Sigma in order to improve our effectiveness on behalf of our clients, and increase our profitability. We hired a very experienced Black Belt/Sensei, and we have been embarked on a Quality Journey since he joined us. We have seen significant improvements as we have changed the culture of our law firm to embrace the Lean/Six Sigma tools for improving quality and dealing with change. During this same period I became increasingly frustrated with the impact of email on my attempts to gain control of my schedule and stay focused on my priorities. I tried various systems drawing on Stephen Covey, David Allen and others. Nothing worked, and my frustration grew. One day I did a Google search combining Lean and emai. I discovered LeanMail, and it has completely transformed my relationship to my email, and given me the necessary tools to tame my inbox and incorporate my email into my Lean business processes, rather than spend my time fighting it. Email has become a tool, rather than merely being a frustrating challenge. I had two of my Directors train with me in the use of LeanMail, and they have been enthusiastic as well. I currently have six more key staff members training in LeanMail, and I anticipate that we will be training many more of our staff in the days to come. Based on my attempts to find a solution, I am confident in stating that LeanMail stands alone as an overall solution to dealing with email, as it incorporates the most important principles of Lean/Six Sigma into an elegant software solution that is well supported with excellent training and customer service.

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        CEO, Partner, Heard and Smith, LLP
      • "LeanMail has helped me ensure that I never lose mails..."

        ...and that it is the important emails that get taken care of first. By prioritizing in a more structured way, I am better able to plan my day and feel a lot less stressed by my inbox. I also save time when looking for older emails, thanks to LeanMail's categorized archive concept.

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        Sonia L. Glubisz Crifling, Senior Licensing Executive - Western Europe Business Desk - WWLP, Microsoft Denmark
      • "It's worth every penny!"

        LeanMail is an excellent program that every busy professional needs. Such a simple application has really allowed me to manage my inbox instead of feeling overwhelmed with the volume. I’m able to plan and prioritize very quickly and nothing gets lost in the flow. I highly recommend Atrendia to anyone who is considering the program, it’s worth every penny!

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        Kandy L. Grenier, MBA, SPHR, Senior Director II, Human Resources, Sodexo Campus Services
      • "I highly recommend LeanMail to anyone looking to get a grip on their inbox."

        LeanMail has been a great resource in assisting me in being more productive. From the program itself to the great customer support, I highly recommend LeanMail to anyone looking to get a grip on their inbox.

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        Brett Wheat-Simms, Director, Human Resources, Sodexo North America
      • " suddenly feels like I have a lot of time to spare."

        I can not quite explain why, but I must note that it suddenly feels like. I have worked with LeanMail for a month now. I can not quite explain why, but I must note that it suddenly feels like I have a lot of time to spare. I leave work every day with an empty inbox and a feeling that I'm done with the work for the day - and it feels fantastic!”

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        Lui Jensen, Hotel Manager, First Hotel Grand
      • "I profit from it every day...worth millions to any employer. "

        Basically I signed up for the Atrendia course sight unseen because I had spent many years using Outlook as a tool, and had often thought that it sometimes was difficult to stay organized. I actually had no great expectations for what could be learned in Outlook. I soon became wiser. Keep it simple The biggest challenge in this easy process is actually to do simple things. The Outlook Add-in itself is a great little tool and is definitely worth millions to any employer. I go home every day with peace of mind, an empty mail box and my next day is organized. I profit from it every day.

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        Johannes Mortensen, Planning manager, OK A.m.b.A.
      • "I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. "

        When I heard about LeanMail, and how it would help me get in control of my inbox and not waste my time handling emails, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. But after using it for some weeks, I realized that I was not in control of my inbox before LeanMail – I am now... and it feels great.

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        Kasper Hansen, Finance Officer, Mannaz A/S
      • " I can almost not live without the LeanMail methodology and tool."

        I have used Atrendia’s LeanMail methodology and tool for some years now. In my daily life I do not think so much about this which just proves that it is an integrated part of my daily work life. However, due to my role as group CIO I exchange laptops with a higher frequency compared to a normal user - one to two times a year. Every time I do so I am lacking the Atrendia add-in for some days before I have it up and running again. And every time I am reminded how important it is to me. I can feel the stress coming sneaking in on me when I have to remember everything as I can’t structure my daily work life as I normally do. I can almost not live without the Atrendia LeanMail methodology and tool.

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        Henrik Arndt, Director, Atea A/S
      • "I went through the ceiling of the enthusiasm over Atrendia’s presentation..."

        I would like to make a high recommendation of holding a meeting with the company Atrendia. They see that the most effective approaches to enhancing the effectiveness of the working time mm. in relation to communications/e-mail and information, I have seen for a long time. I recently listened to a presentation from Atrendia about the planning of information flows in large enterprises. In particular, with a focus on the fastest-growing workload in all major companies, namely e-mail. In addition to teaching and coaching at div culture and behavioral routines in information management, I went through the ceiling of the enthusiasm over Atrendia’s presentation of the tools and associated training that could help us (or me) to control and manage mail box.

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        Bo Littau, Product Manager, Oticon A/S
      • "Great news for those drowning in their mails - LeanMail! "

        My reason for using Atrendia is simple: no more stress. Prioritizing mails with the LeanMail enables me to seize the day. I only see mails I planned on working with today. Bonus: with Atrendia you are not alone when in trouble. Their excellent team is actively asking where they can help. So, go ahead and give it a try, it works!

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        Marija Simin Geertsen, MD, International Medical Adviser, Alk-Abello
      • "It makes my time management so much easier! "

        I have worked with LeanMail for years. It’s been a pleasure. Today I am in control of my e-mail Inbox. It is easy to prioritize what has to be done immediately and plan my next actions into my everyday work life. I am in control of my workload and my time schedule and no longer feel any overload from my Inbox. Furthermore the LeanMail Archive has made it easy to sort e-mails and find necessary correspondence at a later point in time. LeanMail has helped create structure in my e-mail working day. Now I have a complete overview of e-mails to be handle immediately and in the future.

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        Henrik Bille Pedersen, General Manager, First Hotels - Vesterbro
      • "I have been using LeanMail for well over a year."

        I always had a pretty good control over my Inbox before, but LeanMail has helped me to optimize it even further. I especially like the archiving system which makes it much easier to find old Emails. Another feature that I appreciate is the LeanMail "Today” filter in the Inbox, which gives me a clear overview of what needs to be looked at and handled today. I highly recommend using LeanMail and am known to be quite a promoter for it.

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        Rhoda Schnitzer, Human Resources and Communications Manager, SCA, Asia Pacific
      • "LeanMail is my reassurrance that I am attending to all the requests I get."

        LeanMail is a great tool if you a) want to take control of your work flow and b) want to sleep at night knowing that you have all your ducks in a row. Who wouldn't? LeanMail is my reassurrance that I am attending to all the requests I get. Not only does it provide me with a peace of mind, it also makes me look good: This guy never drops a ball.

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        Kenneth Welm, International Product Manager, Alk-Abello
      • "I can fully recommend the LeanMail solution to anybody..."

        I have found LeanMail to be highly efficient and it has proved to be an invaluable tool for me to ensure my work efficiency. It really helps you get the overview quickly, forces you to decide on actions once and for all, and it helps you prioritize your work. By following the LeanMail process you are able to get the right things done at the right time, as well as I find myself wasting much less time on i.e. finding mails in my archive. I can fully recommend the LeanMail solution to anybody working with large email workloads and who are open towards finding new ways to improve their daily work and long time satisfaction.

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        Martin Trolle, Director, Business Development, Atea A/S
      • "Having an empty inbox gives me a sense of calm before the weekend."

        I have worked with LeanMail for many years and my experience is that it helps me work more effectively. LeanMail's method of categorizing and saving all important mails in one archive is far superior to using folders and makes searching for what I need much easier. To work with maximal effectiveness requires discipline and LeanMail provides a structure that helps. Having an empty inbox gives me a sense of calm before the weekend and I can recommend LeanMail.

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        Benny Strömberg, Sales Manager, Adecco AB
      • "I found the course nicely down to Earth in a non-preaching way."

        Focused on the practical use of the LeanMail principles, the course left me with a very useful tool, which I bring to good use every day.

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        Lærke Pickering Thomasen, Systems Developer, IT Systems, Cowi A/S
      • "I can give the LeanMail solution my full recommendation."

        I have now used LeanMail for about a month and I really feel that my personal productivity has increased. For example due to the LeanMail “2-minute rule”, I am now able to answer smaller mails much faster than before. I am also really a big fan of the way you can put a “Next Action” comment plus a date on any e-mail or post allowing Outlook to display it at that time and not before. This reduces stress in my opinion and also help you in focus on the mails you need to process today. And finally I am also very happy for the Atrendia way of archiving and categorizing mails, as it makes it much easier to find my archived mails. So all in all I can give the LeanMail solution my full recommendation if you want to become much more effective, productive and reduce stress."

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        Leif Carlsen, Managing Director, PC-WARE Danmark A/S
      • "I like its simplicity and visual aspects..."

        As a lean leader I am always looking for ways to improve processes, including my own. When Atrendia approached me with their “lean” e-mail management I was of course challenged to test if their tool would actually bring me any benefit at all. I was pleasantly surprised: not only did it blend in naturally in my (already structured) way of working, but it actually improved my efficiency in dealing with e-mail. The thing I like most about it, is that it shows me the information I need just in time and with the next action to take (no time to waste!). I like its simplicity and visual aspects. It also improves the efficiency in finding mails in my archive. My colleagues envy me for being the test person for our company … However, a part of the benefits comes from the new (disciplined) way of working and not from the tool itself. It does require discipline to make the best of this tool, like immediately deciding on what to do with an e-mail, so there is always a chance of slipping back to old habits. Some other potential improvements are in the areas of the toggling between views (new&due vs. all e-mail) and not being able to see at a glance in which view you are. Atrendia really dealt well with my feedback in trying to incorporate some of it into new versions of the tool. My conclusion: I do recommend this tool to improve your e-mail management efficiency. For an even better result, I suggest to combine the introduction of the tool with a (more strict) e-mail policy.

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        Remco Bitter, Project lead, Everris
      • "At first I didn't see the point in attending...I think I have saved up to one hour per day of working time. "

        that the LeanMail system would give me a big advantage in my daily work life. I have now worked with LeanMail for nearly six months and I think I have saved up to one hour per day of working time. And besides that, I feel I have gotten an overview and control over my inbox. In the past, my inbox controlled me.

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        Lone Vinther, Sales Director Key Account, Manpower
      • "It is great to manage e-mails and not be managed by them!"

        LeanMail structures the work and helps reduce stress.

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        Karen Neumann, Assistant Business Unit Primary Care, ALK-Abelló GmbH
      • "Anxiety gone with LeanMail!"

        Most of my colleagues and I know this bothering feeling after being out of the office for a longer period of time (Holiday or something else). You have n huge amount of emails waiting for you and they will cost you a lot of time and nerves to work through until you can go to your job routine. This is gone with LeanMail!

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        Antonio Pusole, Regionalleiter West, ALK-Abelló, GmbH
      • "LeanMail is great!"

        LeanMail keeps me on track of all activities I am involved in and makes it easy to plan for action.

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        Andreas Kischke, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, ALK-Abelló GmbH
      • "There is no doubt that in the longer term using LeanMail will save time. "

        LeanMail was introduced in Actavis first as a pilot project to a selected group of people. Based on their feed back and the absolutely fantastic eye opener these 2 + 2 hour lessons were; it is obvious to us that we will take this to the next level. We will give more people the option of participating. By having more and more colleagues in Actavis using LeanMail we will get a common understanding of how to best utilize Microsoft Outlook, not only as a Mail and Calendar tool, but also a tool used to help in prioritizing in a very clever and time-saving way each day. There is no doubt that in the longer term using LeanMail will save time and thereby also money for us. Last but not least: In an organization, where IT is business driven with a very restricted platform, it makes it even easier that no new software needs to be installed. It's about working with Microsoft Outlook in a much smarter fashion than how the majority do. Thanks for giving us the ability to learn ..... through learning we will grow."

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        Marianne Norup-Nielsen, IT Manager, Actavis A/S
      • "...Now, I am much more conscious about structuring my emails based on the good advice..."

        Handling all the emails that I get everyday has always been a challenge. I have never found a really good way of structuring my inbox so that it supported me in being more effective and productive. The excellent workshop we had with Michael Hoffman made me realize just how much time is wasted in being ineffective in sorting and dealing with the emails coming in. Now, I am much more conscious about structuring my emails based on the good advice I got in the workshop and I can already feel and see how I am spending less time on reading already opened emails and saving time to do more important tasks.

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        Karsten Mortensen, Finance Officer, Mannaz A/S
      • "...And it’s exactly the simplicity of the routine..."

        With a market full of remedies offering to sort out your inbox, why would LeanMail's Outlook training be any different? That was one of my first thoughts when signing up for the training in LeanMail To me, the entire difference lies within the add-in, which is an easy-to-use application allowing you to prioritise and plan your emails in a few simple steps. And it’s exactly the simplicity of the routine that has allowed the email management to become a habit, saving me precious time, giving me a better overview and ultimately increasing my efficiency.

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        Hanne S Pedersen, instructional E-Learning Designer, Effective Learning A/S
      • "This is a great tool!"

        I am actually working with my e-mails, not feeling that they are working against me. I am in control of my inbox and I do not waste time scrolling and searching anymore. In fact it has been very easy to get into this new habit of flagging and processing.

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        Monika Krarup, HRD Coordinator, Nokia Denmark
      • "LeanMail helped me feel in control of my e-mail instead of e-mail controlling me."

        It is a complete pleasure to end the day with an empty inbox.

        Read more
        Tony Bak, Regional Director Operations, First Hotels
      • "Email Excellence for IT professionals"

        I strongly recommend Email Excellence for IT groups that want to improve their professional image. The writing tools and approaches will serve you in many other contexts beyond just email and will provide your people with great personal as well as professional benefit.

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        Marc Schiller, author, The 11 Secrets of Highly Influential IT Leaders
      • "...more efficient from the very first lesson!"

        I see myself as a skilled Outlook user for my day to day struggles in my inbox. I really do appreciate the fact that all training is hands on, in my own inbox. It’s not just spending time in a course, it’s actually spending time making my days more efficient from the very first lesson!

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        Rasmus Eriksson, CTO, IT-department, Awapatent AB
      • "We refocused on the basics."

        The seminar beginning of the project was very powerful and has an original approach to a tool like Outlook, which the use is not well experienced in-house. The method brings efficiency and can be detached from the flow of mail to deal with substantive issues. We refocused on the basics. It's not because you have a mailbox that is full that you do business!

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        Laurent Tacconi, Animation Commercial Manager, Caisse d'Epargne Bank
      • "LeanMail is a simple and easy-to-use tool..."

        Email productivity requires an effective process, personal discipline and a good tool. LeanMail is a simple and easy-to-use tool, which implements a well-thought-out process – add your own discipline and significantly reduce your “Email stress”.

        Read more
        Magnus Rimvall, CIO, VP Information Technology, Teleca AB
      • "LeanMail is one of the easiest plug-in/software that I have used together with Outlook."

        It’s simple and straightforward compared to other similar systems that I have tried. Now I have an empty inbox every day.

        Read more
        Anders Landenstad, Quality Control Engineer, Areva NP Udcomm
      • "Raising awareness about how poorly written documents could jeopardize the company..."

        The Good Documents Series was extremely well received by our employees. It really helped to raise awareness about how poorly written documents could jeopardize the company. Also, Salient was great to work with, allowing us to customize the modules to meet our specific needs.

        Read more
        Eric H. Siegel, Chief Compliance Officer,
      • "Almost everyday my inbox is 'zeroed' and I have taken back control of my time and actioning."

        I am particularly happy about the possibility to put an action date on e-mails and thus being able to follow up mails in time and stay in control of my inbox. Testimonial update - 3 years later... I have been pondering about the good use I have had from using LeanMail in the past three years.. I had my eyes opened again when I returned from 5 weeks of combined vacation and paternity leave this summer. I had a pretty full inbox with about 280 mails ready for processing my first day back. By the end of the day I was down to 69 - all prioritized or archived. By the end of the week I was down to my usual 25, and as usual my inbox is cleared when I leave in the evening - very very nice.

        Read more
        Claus Mengel-Niemann, Consultant, Compass HRG A/S
      • "Very reluctant but curious at first, now I am totally convinced"

        that there is a real gain. Before, my prioritization was mainly by the sender of the mail which I thought, "if I embolden this, it is that mail is important," now, more stimulus, important issues are prioritized and processed and my internal customers are satisfied. I enjoy comfort because I know I have seen all the mails, and I do not miss anything while earning a considerable amount of time in managing my mails.

        Read more
        Marc Bettinger, Direcotr - Monitoring and Controlling, Caisse d'Epargne Bank
      • "I was in for a surprise. "

        I thought I knew exactly what I would be told at this training and my first thought was 'just another clean-up procedure that I can’t follow through'. However, I was in for a surprise. I am very confident that I will never again have chaos in my inbox. I highly recommend this training for busy people who want to get a grip on their mailbox and like the feel of being organized and having an overview with extremely little effort.

        Read more
        Melina Søderberg, Director, Kiwa Coaching
      • "LeanMail gave us all a new view of Outlook and all the possibilities within."

        Even though it was only two times two hours training it LeanMail gave us all a new view of Outlook and all the possibilities within. It has helped me in prioritizing and filing information in a quicker and smarter way - the big challenge is always to stay on track.

        Read more
        Helene Kimø, International HR Management from Strategy to Execution, DONG Energy A/S
      • "To end every day with an empty inbox is simply fantastic!"

        I have enjoyed the use of Outlook for many years and have been quite satisfied thinking that it worked optimally for me. Then I received the possibility of taking part in an e-mail management session with the LeanMail thinking that it could be a good idea to get some inspiration. I didn't see the big advantages after the first session and fell back into my old routines. After the second session with Atrendia, however, I decided to give it another chance. And it was great! I have gotten a much better overview over the large number of mails that come in daily. By making decisions about "next actions" and "when", I don't have to re-think things because the mails "pop up" at the time I have put in....The most important part for me is that I have a better overview, easier search possibilities and I can collect both "post-it" notes and e-mails in one place.

        Read more
        Jette Magnussen, Key Account Manager, DISCOVER A/S
      • " Most important of all is that the quality of our work is insured..."

        My colleagues and I needed a method for dealing with the large amount of important mails we were wrestling with daily. We contacted LeanMail and took their training in e-mail management. Through their program we got the tools and method we were looking for. Thanks to LeanMail, we are better at prioritizing, organizing and following up our e-mail. Most important of all is that the quality of our work is insured through processing our e-mail related activities with the help of an efficient, effective method.

        Read more
        Jens Metz, Konsultchef, Kompetensor AB
      • "The education that you have provided me has made me 1000% more efficient in all of my business activities. "

        The time that was wasted not only on email, but tasking and next steps has been resolved through LeanMail. I recommend LeanMail for everyone from small businesses to large corporations. With all of our new modern technology…we have become more inefficient with time management and LeanMail definitely is the solution!

        Read more
        Jeffrey Chabon, Director of Booking, AT&T Center
      • "It took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out ."

        My colleague Nicolas and I would like to express our thanks for the two days you spent with us in Paris last November analyzing our work procedures in the record company. The synthesis you designed to explore just where we were investing vis à vis the return helped us visualize exactly where needed to focus. In our case, it took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out - the analysis we did together as well as your encouragement has had instant impact and very positive results in a short time. Psychologically we feel much more in control. With no remorse, we have eliminated certain projects and put others on the back burner. Practically speaking it will take time to adjust to a new way of thinking and working but we are working at it daily and feel really good about it! Our approach to problem solving and time management is much more pragmatic and structured. Thank you for your presence and the sincere interest you showed for our future and the well being of our company

        Read more
        Patricia Johnston, Manager, Nectar Prose International Artist Management
      • "You really seem to have an effective and proven process in place."

        Just wanted to let you know in writing, that I was impressed with the way Stefan handled our brush-up session, and the steps we went through to secure things worked smoothly. You really seem to have an effective and proven process in place. As his manager, please make an extra plus in Stefans little black book, for his next evaluation ;-)

        Read more
        Jesper Sommer, Business Intelligence Lead, Scales A/S
      • "The tools and tips I learned from Atrendia and LeanMail..."

        ...have helped me streamline my process for dealing with emails and cleaning up my inbox.

        Read more
        Wendi Gretz, Senior Director Field Marketing, Sodexo North America
      • "...there is no more "spring cleaning" to do."

        I especially like the work in two steps: prioritization, planning gives me a better view ofwhat I do. I feel that I won't miss an important message and I win in comfort. My email is handled in a flow and there is no more "spring cleaning" to do.

        Read more
        Monique Folly, Executive Assistant, Caisse d'Epargne Bank
      • "My inbox is now my daily dashboard;"

        a steering tool that I control, where every action is prioritized and planned so that the mails in anticipation of stimulus amuse me sometimes. Planning allows mails from every night with an empty inbox and a guarantee that everything will be processed on time, with increased efficiency and also peace of mind at work.

        Read more
        Laurent Lefebvre, Project Manager Organisation, Caisse d'Epargne Bank
      • "Immediately useful and executable"

        I found Email Excellence very useful in my business emails— immediately useful and executable. The creator quickly goes through the basics and delves deeply into advanced topics that will benefit all of us.

        Read more
        Stephen LaFata, Chief Compliance Officer, Alethea Capital Management
      • "Laughing off past mistakes..."

        The most valuable thing in Email Excellence is its reader-centric philosophy, plus the concrete tools for implementing that philosophy. Also, the humor is definitely a plus—the narrator made it easy for me to laugh off my past mistakes, vow never to repeat them, and move forward with a "reader-centric" approach.

        Read more
        Brian Werneburg, Senior Clinical Scientist,
      • "Prior to being introduced to Atrendia I was already utilizing the “Take Back Your Life” email management system..."

        The Atrendia add-in provides a more automated and complete approach that takes managing email to the next level of productivity and effectiveness.

        Read more
        larry Hall, Vice President, Business Development, Sodexo Education
      • "I love LEAN mail"

        In 30 minutes – I have planed all my mails after having spent 3 weeks on holiday – so I’m ready to go to work Monday morning – without stress!!!! This is fantastic!!!!

        Read more
        Trine Langelund, Key Account Manager, Strålfors Denmark
      • "I am certain that it quickly gives ROI."

        LeanMail is not just a tool, it’s a personal tool. It has helped me to optimize my daily work flow in a way that is good for me. The success factor is a combination of personal coaching and self-learning. It’s not only about leaving the office with an empty inbox, for me LeanMail is my very own, very organized -work companion. I can't say exactly how much time I have saved or how much revenue my company has gained from it, but I am certain that it quickly gives ROI.

        Read more
        Johan Hammer, Revenue Manager, First Hotels
      • "LeanMail is fantastic - being more productive and organized during the week helps me enjoy my weekends again without stress of the unknown for the week to come!"

        Read more
        Nenette Bezuidenhout, National Sales and Technical Manager, Hoya Hill Optics SA
      • "No longer is stress coming from email."

        I have found that LeanMail works very well for me. It made me disciplined with the result of being efficient in managing my mails. There is always a lot of stress in the workplace but no longer is it coming from email. The idea of Categorizing and Prioritizing has contributed immensely.

        Read more
        Mohamed Mayet, Manager, Hoya Hill Optics, South Africa
      • "LeanMail is the next best thing since the sliced bread."

        It is indeed true that organizing my emails was becoming a challenge until Leanmail came on board. I absolutely appreciate the changes it has brought to the way I manage my emails. I am glad to tell you that LeanMail is the next best thing since the sliced bread. Often I read my emails and left them in my inbox , with LeanMail it is easy to decide either to Delete or Prioritize that way my inbox is always free from unnecessary mails. I would highly recommend Leanmail to anyone who would like to stay on top of their mails Keep up the good work.

        Read more
        Waleed Mphaga, Hoya SA Customer Service Mananger, Hoya Hill Optics, South Africa

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