How does InstantArchive work?

LeanMail uses categories instead of multiple folders to give you greater flexibility.


Add one or more Outlook categoriesCategories are just like labels in Gmail. You can add one or several to each email. to an email with your keyboard or mouse


Sort by Category, Sender or Date to instantly find your email without needing search.


All your mails are cross-referenced in ONE folder, you'll never lose or waste time searching for an email ever again.

Later, you can add other LeanMail components

What people say about us

What do people say about us?

What is InstantArchive?

A painless way to file and find email.

No more dragging and dropping into folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders!
More than that, you’ll be able to retrieve your emails much more intuitively and with greater efficiency.

Who is it for?

Anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook for Windows 2010 or higher, connected with an Exchange account or Office365 and is tired of constantly dragging and dropping emails in to myriads of folders or for those who gave up a long time ago and want to get themselves better organized.

Did you give up on filing your emails? Do you use lots of folders, sub-folders and sub-sub folders? Are you somewhere in between? The LeanMail InstantArchive works for EVERYONE who uses Outlook.

Learn how to use it in just 60 seconds.

It’s so easy, there’s no manual!

What else can the InstantArchive do?


Automatically categorize threads, senders, sent items.


Add notes to mails to avoid re-reading them to find specific mails


No need to decide which of three folders you should store your email. Add three categories and find it in all three places.

LeanMail InstantArchive is just one of several LeanMail solutions that can be combined or used separately in order to take your email experience to the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.


MS Outlook 2010 or higherMS Exchange 2003 or higher or Office 365 with ExchangeYou must have admin rights on your computer to be able to install software


Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

What does InstantArchive cost?

Just €4

per month, billed annually

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